I.A. & A. B. UGA International

We know that to designate someone as one-of-a-kind can raise eyebrows but we are confident in our description of Tom Martucci. He is a true sales expert and the combination of his extensive experience with the ability to tackle any challenge while motivating a team are well one-of-a-kind. Tom is a listener with a keen ability to quickly identify a path that leads to success. His empathy and caring nature make him an absolute joy to work with.

S. C., President, Direct Leader

In over twenty years of my sales career, I have been fortunate to see Tom in sales training action on many occasions. Tom is not a cookie-cutter sales manager or trainer - he meticulously prepares and adopts his knowledge to the organization, team, and personalities involved. His uncompromising approach to identifying and understanding customers’ needs before sales begin is the key to his effectiveness in turning unimpressive sales into a success story.

CBC Group

With Tom’s extensive expertise in sales development and management, we were able, in a relatively short time, to open international markets in Europe, Asia, and South America. Tom’s management style supports independent thinking, initiatives, and autonomy to make the right decisions. It has allowed me to achieve success that was both noticeable and appreciated. C.B., CBC Group.