Business Cards Don’t leave home without them!

Business cards are those little pieces of cardboard that more times than not you will leave home or your office without! Worse yet, you may have a couple stuck in your wallet or purse that are  usually bent, dirty  or have something written on the back and you are embarrassed to hand them out. So you make an excuse why you do not have a business card.  Great first impression!

Your business card is the least expensive way of advertising and getting your name or small business company’s name in front of potential prospects.  Besides your appearance, your card or lack of a clean crisp business card helps formulate the “first impression.”  Here are some pointers about business cards:

1.  Make sure the details are accurate as to address, phone numbers and email address.  Please no crossing out and putting new address etc on it.  If the cards are not correct throw them out and print new ones.   Today, if you do not have your website address on the card that is a major mistake. I cannot recall a meeting in the last several years where I, or my potential client, do not bring up the other person’s website in our discussion.

2.  Make sure you use both sides – a little extra cost but well worth it.  You can print on the back key points about your company and its USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Even if it is only a solid color (one of your logo colors) on the back, it makes a positive impression.

3.  When presenting the cards use both hands a little flair goes a long way in forming the first impression and it is also a sign of how much importance you put behind the person you are giving the cards to. It always surprises me how in America we hand out cards and receive cards without paying much attention to the card.  It is almost as if we are apologetic for handing it out.  Also it could lead to the person remembering you. That “first impression” can come in many ways.

4.  Carry them in a nice card case to keep them fresh, clean and easily available and always keep an extra supply in your car or briefcase. Then in those situations where you left home or the office without your cards.  It is as close to you as your car or business case.

5.  When receiving a card accept with both hands. Take few seconds to study the card it will signify to the person giving you the card that it is important and you appreciate receiving his or her card  It is not a bad idea even to thank them for the card..

6.  I always give my business card out to a potential client even if I have met with them before.  Many people will say “I gave you one the last time do you need another?” What kind of answer do you think you will get?  “Oh, yes I have your card,” is the only answer he or she can give you without being embarrassed.  My cards have my USP on the back so if the card is left someplace and it falls into a potential clients’ hands, they will know a bit more about me.

The business card for business owner  is a small thing in your total marketing arsenal but it is an integral part of it. Treat them as part of it not just a piece of cardboard.

Until we meet again…