With Tom’s extensive expertise in sales development and management, we were able, in a relatively short time, to open international markets in Europe, Asia, and South America. Tom’s management style supports independent thinking, initiatives, and autonomy to make the right decisions. It has allowed me to achieve success that was both noticeable and appreciated.
— C.B., CBC Group.

Tom has an undeniable level of expertise that can benefit anyone; from a startup to a mature business. His hands-on and practical knowledge is invaluable and the best part is his ability to put into practice traditional sales techniques and modern digital-era tools and strategies.
— C. G., General Manager, ABC S.P. A

In over twenty years of my sales career, I have been fortunate to see Tom in sales training action on many occasions. Tom is not a cookie-cutter sales manager or trainer - he meticulously prepares and adopts his knowledge to the organization, team, and personalities involved. His uncompromising approach to identifying and understanding customers’ needs before sales begin is the key to his effectiveness in turning unimpressive sales into a success story
— S. C., President, Direct Leader

Having spent the last 7 years working closely with Tom, I can honestly say that he has shown/taught me more than anyone else in my career. From his business sense to his way of thinking to his ability to solve problems, everything was always calculated and done for a reason. His business sense is second to none. Whenever in need of sales, he always found that channel, that idea, that program to make it happen. His ability to think outside the box is what truly sets him apart. He taught me to not only look at the numbers now or a month from now but to look beyond that. Analyze the numbers and devise the game plan to make it happen. In our 7 years together, not once did we miss our year end goal. His tough love approach to his staff might not be for everyone, but here it has earned him the most loyal and dedicated team I have ever been a part of...Once you get to know him, it’s easy to see why he has been one of the most successful leaders in business over the last 40 years.
— M.V., Sales Manager, G-III Apparel Group

Mr. Martucci and I worked closely together in building a successful business in Mexico. He helped us introduce Calvin Klein and DKNY luggage and accesories and acted not as a supplier of merchandise but as a partner, liaison and friend. He always listened to our needs with an open ear and wholeheartedly addressed every obstacle with vigor. His problem solving abilities and experience in the field truly make Mr Martucci one of a kind. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with him and came to know him as a truly valuable asset to absolutely any team. He is dependable, and incredibly hard-working.
— I.A., A.B.

It is not only a pleasure working with Mr. Martucci, furthest one of the best experience I had during my 17 years of international brands trading business.

A diplomatic business man with sharp vision, effective development strategy and business solutions.

What he has achieved in the regions I collaborated with him during his department leading position at GIII in one of the hardest economic periods, is the best results accomplished that others cannot achieve in normal situations.

We always hear that some people you meet from a short time can make difference in your life, for me it was a one hour conversation with Thomas when I was launching my own company that did and still make the difference. He saw the real potential and put his confident in me that wasn’t by words only. A chance given by him to me proved that he meant what he said.

A great mentoring that sees the real potential in people giving the right indications and motivation far from exaggeration, gave me the encouragement in my every day process, but most important that whenever I have bad situation or serious obstacle, his words in my mind give me the motivation to stay positive and look for the light in the darkness.

A gentleman with his humility, intelligence, rationality, honesty and great heart is one of the best mentors and will always be grateful for his confident and special support.
— K.H., Director